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Sziget Skii and Music Festival 2015

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Snowboard, Ski and Music Festival 2015

Nöjesbilletten Presents in collaboration with Sziget, Snowboarding Ski and Music Festival 1-7 / 2 2015 .Festival organizer of Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary arangerar this festival in France.

MEEX and the island in 2015, jointly organized by one of the largest ski and snowboard festival in Europe, Snow Attack. The skiing, the endless parties and the inimitable atmosphere fills this for a week one of France’s most beautiful slopes of the mountain, in Puy Saint Vincent-.

More than 2,500 young, Hungarian and international music stars, crazy sports programs and professional organization. It expects all who joined us in 2015 as well!

Puy Saint Vincent Attack Snow skiing, snowboarding and Music Festival 2015 takes place in the south of France is a popular destination for ski area, located about 30 km south of Briancon is. Real fantastic little village, where in addition to the wonderful scenery and a number of small wooden chapel and stone houses awaits its guests.

Puy has managed to retain its rural charm, while modern - every year hundreds of thousands of people move - sícentrummá has grown.
The 700-year tradition of guarding the village and modern ski resort makes it interesting duality in Puy Saint Vincent.

First, the village is 1400 meters meet the arriving from the trip up to 1600 meters from the ski resorts. 1600 meters in the central elevator, shops, bars, restaurants and information centers.

1600 meters further on a whole new world opens up. Along the winding years built a cozy apartment home awaits its guests. The houses are all directly on the page or at the door can be attached to most places and you can also slide.

TRACK & off the field

Puy available in a total of 75 km of slopes between 1400 m and 2700 m. Thanks to the 1,300-meter difference in level from beginner to advanced level, everyone can find their own appropriate level of course. The prices include Snow Attack Pass Ski, Snowboard and Music Festival lodging packages.

The highest point in the terrain, from the beginning of La Pendine we recommend the more advanced levels. The most difficult to track named Carmen black; Pendine on the page and there are more opportunities for off-piste skiing, for example, the area below the Col du Bal.

The ski pass is also valid for the nearest Pelvoux (35 km course).

Where slide:
- Black Tracks: 13 km
- Red Course: 34 km
- Blue Course: 28 km
- 2 special course designed for beginners and children
- Boarder Cross track (all year will be held at the FIS)
- Snow Park (2300 meters: Big Air, corners, step-up)
- 60 km cross-country between 1400 m and 2000 m
- Non-slip pitch countless opportunities (. Ex Left and the Col du Rocher Noir runs)

Lifts: 13
8 chair
5 tow

Ski Pass fee (one day), you can also try other ski: PRICE soon!
- Where, Risoul Montgenèvre (Puytől about 50 minutes.)
- Les 2 Alpes, Alpe d`Huez, Serre Chevalier (about 2 hours from Puy).

My before each transit. Applications can be accepted 48 hours!

Snow Attack In 2015, Europe’s largest ski, snowboard and music festival is also bound to a common Organised in collaboration and MEEX of the island. A week in just one of the beautiful places in France, Puy Saint Vincent, promises to be filled with skiing, endless parties and an inimitable atmosphere.


France official currency is the euro. Exchange money in cents, is worth 100 cents a euro. It can not be surprises when you spend money for the trip before you leave home, váltjátok into euros at home, for this elmulasztjátok, it can easily happen that the road will no longer be possible for you.

Do not forget the credit card at home, because in addition to being a backup is definitely good to have on hand, we have an increasing number of ski areas in shops, bars, restaurants number where you are able to pay the card.
Before you set sail indulnátok, foreign cash withdrawals and other banking expenses necessarily tájékozódjatok bankotoknál issuer, and examine the site where the merchant credit card for any additional costs before you buy!

The bank in return to the road and the car, and bus passengers will also come in handy, because we hardly can find everything from gas stations next to the highway, which would not be resolved in the credit card payment so that your sandwich, the soft, the snacks and last minute gifts and of course the vignette also readily available.
The toll motorways choose Card payment macerától can save a lot of yourselves, and shortly Reserved Ports to pass through a much more straightforward.

In addition to the cost of decommissioning the travel card in place can facilitate all your days: look for MasterCard and Maestro logos at the entrance to the store, or even hüttékben also in the field, ensure that the account is in debit card you can arrange.

To facilitate the preparation for and a little planning, you gathered the following list to Puy Saint Vincent, where shops and restaurants could pay and what services to buy with a credit card:

- 1600 Sports (ski rental)
- Snow Valley (ski rental)
- Sherpa (Grocery)
- La Pendine (Restaurant)
- La Chaumiere (Restaurant)
- Deposit paid accommodation receptions

You will be up all week!

Do not miss this crazy festival in the snow and the music’s character !! A must in winter 2015 !!

More info coming soon, Price m, etc. coming soon !!!

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Snowboard Skid och Musikfestival 2015

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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